The Sabi Suriname App

Mockupsabisuriname2 copy.png
Mockupsabisuriname2 copy.png

Zooma, in collaboration with Fabrique, developed an Android 'after-experience' app for Tropenmuseum Junior! The app was created specifically for 'Sabi Suriname'; an exhibition about Suriname, about its connection with the Netherlands and its shared colonial history.



The Tropenmuseum is a museum about world cultures, housed in one of the most beautiful museum buildings in the Netherlands. Part of the Tropenmuseum is the 'Tropenmuseum Junior': the first children's museum in the Netherlands known for its appealing museum concept: see, touch, experience and participate. Learning by doing!

For the new exhibition 'Sabi Suriname', the Tropenmuseum engaged Zooma and Fabrique to develop an app. Sabi Suriname is an exhibition about Suriname, its ties with the Netherlands and its shared colonial history. A theatrical and sensory exhibition for children aged 6 to 13, their parents and teachers.

The question from the Tropenmuseum team was whether it would be possible to develop a 'Retrospective' app so that the children who visited the exhibition with their school could receive a video afterwards containing photos and videos of their visit. The app had to be easy to use and, of course, comply with privacy laws.

How does the app work?

The Sabi Suriname app is primarily intended for school outings. Upon arrival, the companions of a class each get an Android phone (with Sabi Suriname case :-)). The phones can be easily linked with a code and then each facilitator takes a group of children to one of the Sabi Suriname worlds.

During the activities of the exhibition, the supervisors take fun photos of the children's activities using the app and after the visit, the best photos can be selected and uploaded. Then the software in the backend turns them into an incredibly fun video that the teacher receives by email.

The personalized video is automatically generated and shows images of the different worlds of the exhibition complemented by the photos taken by the class companions. With Surinamese music underneath of course. A technically very interesting and challenging project that also included contemporary privacy regulations.


The colorful app was designed in collaboration with design firm Fabrique



Zooma developed the backend, the video and, of course, the Android app.



Sent an automated personal "aftermovie": nice for grandparents :-)!