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On this page you will find more information about what cookies are, what cookies uses and what you can do about them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website places on your computer, tablet or cell phone when you visit the website. Information about your visit to the website is stored in these cookies. For example, cookies allow a website to recognize you the next time you visit. The use of cookies is not new, almost all websites use them, they are not harmful to your computer and cookies do not know who you are.

Three types of cookies are used on this site:

Functional cookies

These are cookies that are necessary for this website to function. Without these functional cookies this site does not work properly. Consider the general operation of the website, tracking user session and information passed from page to page when filling out a form. This type of cookie does not store any personal data.

Analytical cookies

To collect web statistics about the use and visit of the website, Zooma uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics places a permanent 'analytical' cookie on your computer, tablet or cell phone and the cookie records your use of the website.

Analytics cookies allow us to measure website traffic: for example, how often our site is visited and what information visitors search for. This allows us to know which parts of the site are popular and how we can improve our website. The statistics we collect cannot be traced back to individuals. This data is therefore always used anonymously. Google Analytics allows us to better understand the data.

Social media cookies

On some pages, Zooma uses YouTube or Vimeo videos. As a result, YouTube or Vimeo may set cookies.

How can I refuse/disable cookies?

In your browser you can set which cookies should be accepted. You can refuse all or only certain cookies. If you refuse all cookies, certain functionalities of this website may no longer work (properly).


It is not inconceivable that our privacy and cookie policy will be expanded or changed in the near future. We therefore advise you to check this page regularly to see whether any changes have been made.

Contact details

If you have any questions and / or comments about our cookie policy please contact us.

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