We are creators. Builders. Designers. Developers. Strategists. Tech enthusiasts.

Zooma is a technically innovative agency. From our own coworking building De Dorus, we work with our clients and partners on conceptual and technical products. For everyone. From startup to multinational. We like to make things and help you make choices. From the beginning. We want to build the best app or website for your organization, customers or employees. Value-added solutions that give users a great experience.


Custom apps

Zooma builds innovative, secure and reliable apps for Android and iOS. Native, hybrid or web app? We help you make the right choice.


Responsive websites

Our websites focus on the best user experience. Responsive, interactive, conversion-enhancing and easy to manage.

Backend & Integrations

Websites and apps do not work without a solid backend and necessary (third-party) integrations. What's more, the intelligence often resides in the backend.

Adventure together?

iOS and Android apps

Responsive websites

Digital strategy

Technical architecture

UX / UI digital design

Native, PWA and webapps

Tech / design prototyping

Digital platforms

External integrations

AI, IoT, Chatbots, AR, VR

Cloud and infrastructure

CMS / API development

Our approach

Zooma prefers to work agile; collaboratively striving for the continuous improvement of a product in iterative steps. Follow the change, not the plan. While every customer, partner, team, and project is unique, projects generally follow the following phases.

In an initial discussion, we can quickly provide a first indication of the technical possibilities and associated costs based on our experience. No strings attached!

After you have decided to work with Zooma, we start with a preparatory "sprint 0" in which we start thinking out your concept in detail, sketching and designing together.

In Sprint 0, we worked out everything in detail together; the architecture, the designs and the scope. Now it's our development team's turn and we're going to build!

After we build your app, website or digital platform, we will test it in detail. And we make sure your product is launched in a professional manner.

We make sure your app, website or platform always works. No downtime. We do regular maintenance, security updates and we monitor performance 24/7.

We recommend that you start small and then, based on user feedback and new insights, develop further. Our experts will help you make these choices.

Zooma is ISO 27001 certified

The ISO 270001 certificate means that an independent party has verified that we comply with all international standards in the field of information security. Zooma thus proves that all risks around confidentiality and availability of sensitive information are adequately and honestly covered.

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