Festival apps experts

Since 2015, TMSQR has been fully engaged in creating awesome festival apps for music, theater, movies and all other kinds of cultural festivals. Together with the great team at TMSQR, Zooma is working step by step to create the ultimate festival app.

Ambitious and driven

TMSQR is fast becoming the app store for festival apps. Visitors to festivals want to be able to quickly and easily see in one app which artists are playing where, where their friends are going and buy tickets in the same app. With this, TMSQR solves the problem that many festivals do not have enough budget to have a good app built, and maintained. And the other problem, that music lovers don't feel like downloading a separate app for every festival, too!

The road to success

The idea is good. But without a good tech team and a good sales strategy, a good idea is useless. The trick is to find the right formula, the right revenue model, the right tone. Zooma works with TMSQR every month in intensive short sprints (Scrum) on new versions of the apps. In the search for the golden formula, TMSQR regularly reinvents itself and experiments with new techniques. And with success because TMSQR is very regularly on top of the charts; Spotify we're coming for you! ;-)

The most brilliant ideas and inventions excel in simplicity, it is sometimes said. This certainly holds true for TimeSquare.

Festival app expert

TMSQR builds apps for music, theater, film and many more types of festivals

Tech & music team

TMSQR is developed by a passionate team of tech and music industry experts

Throughout Europe!

TMSQR collaborates with more than 150 festivals and venues across Europe

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