Hospital Hero

Your journey through the hospital

The Hospital Hero concept is a beautiful initiative of Veronique van Noort and Nicole Donkel, two driven nurses at the pediatric ward of the Willem Alexander Children's Hospital (LUMC). Zooma has been working on this concept since 2020, which also includes experts from Nell, TU Delft and Naturalis. And the best part: more and more hospitals are joining in.

About Hospital Hero

The goal of the Hospital Hero apps is to best prepare parents and children for a hospital visit, thereby reducing the stress, tension and anxiety experienced by both children and parents. And at the same time ensuring that healthcare providers can provide better care.

The Hospital Hero app helps children and parents from the moment they receive an appointment letter from the hospital. The app helps them prepare for talks with the doctor, guides them in their journey to and through the hospital, and in the waiting areas and treatment rooms the children can play various interactive and educational games (such as finding escaped Naturalis animals by scanning hidden QR codes!).

Agile development

Hospital Hero Foundation and Zooma work closely together and continue to develop the apps and the website every quarter. In agile scrum sprints. Based on feedback from the end user(s), the care providers, the hospitals, interns, developers, designers and other partners.

Technically, the Hospital Hero platform is built 'open source' so that other developers (such as game developers/interns) can add games to the app relatively easily. And in addition, the setup, the journey, is technically easy to set up dynamically from the backend so that other hospitals and other healthcare organizations, each with their own needs and itineraries, can also roll out the concept in their pediatric departments.


Follow the steps

Go through all the steps in the hospital by following the map!


Searching and scanning

Search the hospital for QR codes and scan them to find the animals.

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Collect them all!

Collect all the animals by searching for them and playing games.

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