De Kler Bookstore

Renewed website / webshop

For bookstore De Kler, Zooma developed a new responsive website / webshop in 2023 in five intensive sprints. De Kler is a well-known name in the book trade with no less than twelve physical stores spread over as many cities in the Randstad.

A successful project, and a great collaboration with the De Kler team. And thanks to the renewed corporate identity created by the designers of Daily Creations, and the link with the order system TiteLive, the De Kler brand online is as solid as a rock!

In the first four sprints, the new platform was built. The website is easy to manage using the intuitive backend, where parts of pages can be moved by block. A powerful search engine searches the nearly three million books (incl second-hand) in the shop, and extensive filters allow customers to search for their next reading adventure themselves. De Kler's physical stores have also been given a nice place on the site with their store pages and calendar of events. Customers can also order items and pick them up themselves.

Online order processing is handled through a link to an external ordering system TiteLive. Customers can order a book as a guest or add books to their wish list, but they can also create an account, allowing them to see previous orders. In the fifth sprint, an e-commerce dashboard was added, which works using Google Analytics. Here, De Kler can see which books are performing well, but also much more specific things become visible, such as which books are often put in the basket but are then not ordered.

The new website bridges De Kler's online and offline activities. First of all, it is a sophisticated webshop that allows you to easily, quickly and safely order millions of books and other items and have them delivered.

But at the same time, you can also view the stock of items in the physical stores and reserve them for pickup if necessary. Because the Internet is wonderful and all but 'nothing beats' wandering around your local bookstore.


Easily order one of the three million books or other items.


Read personal reading tips from De Kler employees.


Search for your next book with extensive filtering options.