Zooma builds the new apps for Vindicat

Since June this year, Zooma has been busy developing the new native iOS and Android apps for student organization Vindicat. Now, 3 development sprints later, there are two beautiful apps live that are used very much by the many members of Vindicat. The entire platform is solid, secure and future-proof. View the case study here.


We are proud of the apps and especially of the fine and open cooperation with Vindicat! The board really took the apps to the next level with their feedback and ideas, and made them a perfect fit for Vindicat. And Zooma's experience in making the apps for other student associations helped and inspired Vindicat again. For example, check out the cases of the apps for Minerva, Albertus Magnus and Delftsch Studenten Corps on our site. Each app is different but each is a great success!


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