Our coworking building De Dorus is growing!

Back in August, we announced that our coworking building De Dorus will be expanding into our neighbor's building. We call it 'The Mees'. There will be an additional 1100m2 of office and workspace! See below the first sketches of the two buildings together...it's going to be very cool! More space to make beautiful things with our partners and customers!

1. De Dorus & De Mees 3.jpg

Currently we are busy sketching and designing. How are we going to connect the two buildings and how do we layout De Mees. Tricky but we're doing it the same way we build apps and websites: agile in scrum (quarterly) sprints. Step by step :-)

2. De Dorus & De Mees 1.jpg

Nice thing is that with De Mees, De Dorus also gets a nice back entrance:3. De Dorus & De Mees 2.jpg


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