Narrowcasting internship assignment

In the winter of 2023-2024, computer science students Daniël and Katinka of Leiden University of Applied Sciences built a complete narrowcasting system for Zooma's coworking building De Dorus during their third-year internship. On large Sony screens in various places in the building, information is displayed about the various companies in the building, get-togethers and events, solar panel yields, the weather and much more.

(Zooma offers room for 4 to 6 interns every year. Under the guidance of senior developers and designers, interns work independently, in scrum sprints, on their own digital products that are actually launched. No half products that end up on a dusty shelf. Really live to the end user with a new product or concept and preferably using new techniques. Instructive and valuable for both the trainee and Zooma).

Narrowcasting system

There are 16 companies active in De Dorus and that number will grow because of the planned expansions. The purpose of the screens is to ensure that everyone in the building is optimally informed about upcoming events (such as get-togethers but also, for example, a BHV course) but also about each other. Katinka: "While making a cup of coffee, you see beautiful projects of other companies slide by on the screens. And the design of the screens is made in the style of the website and app so the different channels will reinforce each other."


During the internship, Daniel focused on the backend (Silverstripe) and hardware (including Raspberry Pi) of the system. And Katinka on the frontend (React JSX) and design (Figma). A very good team! After an extensive survey of the 'residents' of De Dorus, they worked in month-long sprints toward the impressive final result. Daniel: "It was great fun to figure out what kind of equipment can be used for narrowcasting. There are so many different options and what suits De Dorus best."

Tim, internship supervisor of Katinka and Daniël: "Also very cool is that the screens show the output of the 81 solar panels on the roof of De Dorus in real-time through a link with Solar Edge's API. And as icing on the cake also the live link with Buienradar so people know when is/isn't smart to go cycling!"

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